Seeburg Cartridges

 Replacement cartridge and needles for Seeburg 45 rpm mono jukeboxes.

Fits models B thru 201.                                           Price $199

This is a totally new hand-made design by Vern Tisdale. (All rights reserved.)

Manufactured with 100% U.S.-made components.

 This cartridge has the angle shape for the best tracking and weight for an easy touch on your records. It does not use the brushes on the mechanism, but they can be left on for an authentic appearance.

Specifications:               0.7 mil diamond needles

                                    3-7.5 gram tracking weight

                                    22 Hz frequency response

                                    9.8 mV output level

 Limited quantities available.

Seeburg models B, BL, C, G, W, R, V, VL, 161, KD, L100 and  201

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